Rare Bird Preserves

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Anonymous asked - "Your preserves sound AMAZING, but I've eliminated sugar from my diet. Do you ever make any preserves without added sugar? Beth"

Currently we do not have any “sugar free” jams. We are working towards offering a few flavors later in the year.

Anonymous asked - "hi, where do i find your products in Seattle?"

We currently do not have any retail locations in Seattle. You can always order off our website www.rarebirdpreserves.com.


We are excited to present a new Black Label Limited Edition for Valentines Day 2013. This time we made a very special curd with our friend Caroline of Caroline’s Kitchen Table. Orange Maple BLiS is the combination of fresh Cara Cara Orange juice and zest and BLiS Syrups BLiS 9, a 9 year old Sherry Maple Double Solera Vinegar. The resulting curd is velvety and bright without being overly sweet. Only available in 8oz. jars through the RBP online store. We also have the one or two jar gift boxes and the Breakfast (in bed) Gift boxes available. Spoil your sweetie today!

(Not my) mama’s chocolate chip banana muffins -  (at home.)

(Not my) mama’s chocolate chip banana muffins - (at home.)

I’m the luckiest girl ever! Thanks Brooklyn Baked Good!

I’m the luckiest girl ever! Thanks Brooklyn Baked Good!

Anonymous asked - "what would we like in Virginia?"

I think you would like the strawberry rhubarb.

Anonymous asked - "What is Rare Bird Preserves all that?"

Rare Bird Preserves is a jam company that is all that!

Anonymous asked - "Hi, how can I use the fig preserves as a cake topping? Thanks!"

Hi! I usually just spoon the preserves over the top. You could always pipe some frosting around the edge to make a barrier so the jam won’t spill down the sides. Let me know if you have any other questions.



Anonymous asked - "Hi Elizabeth, I was wondering if the 2 jar gift sets are available at Chicago area retailers. I love the packaging! Great to see you doing so well. 'hope to see you at Christmas! Jo (wife of John Phillips) I also want to take some down to Florida for his Aunt Nancy."

Hey Jo! email me and we can work out on order for you. elizabeth@rarebirdpreserves.com

Gingerbread house - holiday market.  (at Elawa Farm)

Gingerbread house - holiday market. (at Elawa Farm)